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Linear Actuator

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Linear Actutor

PWST series of electronic integrated straight stroke electric actuator, small size, light weight, low power consumption, strong function, high reliability, easy operation, high efficiency, high protection performance, low noise, high intelligence, security and reliability.

Field operation can also be remotely controlled. It can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum. Chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, steel, water treatment, desulphurization and other industries and various gas pipelines, high-temperature pipelines. Maximum stroke reaches 120mm, maximum thrust of up to 63KN, suitable for a variety of straight travel valve (such as gate valve, single / two-seater, sleeves, tees together / shunt, diaphragm), throttle pipes and similar institutions and switching equipment or modulating control.

Work Environment

Actuators can withstand a variety of operating conditions and the impact of the external environment, to meet the STN 33 2000, 332320-3,60529,STN EN60079-10, IEC 60364-3:1993 standard environmental requirements:

  1. the temperature -25 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
  2. Humidity: 5% to 100%, allowing the occasional case there is condensation
  3. allowing the water splashing in all directions
  4. a small amount of dust in the air, dust layer evenly, dust on the decline and greater than 35mg / m, but not more than 500 mg / m
  5. the sea is less than 2000 meters above sea level, atmospheric pressure from 86Kpa to 108Kpa
  6. can be used to contain corrosive gases and pollutants sites
  7. can be used for 10 ~ 150HZ vibration amplitude at a frequency less than 57-62HZ, acceleration is 19 / S normal use
  8. a small amount of dust in the air, dust evenly on the decline and large dry dust 35mg / m but not more than 350mg /m
  9. moderate solar radiation intensity big 500WI meters, less than or equal sub-700W/㎡
  10. a moderate earthquake, the acceleration is greater than 300Gal, less than or equal to 600Gal.
  11. there is danger of combustible gases and vapors arise occasions and outdoors
  1. Small size, light weight, high integration, supporting the valve in the pipeline installation is very simple and convenient
  2. Key components of the controller using advanced hybrid integrated circuit, and cast resin curing, the aging process, reliability, high moisture, shock
  3. Low inertia, high torque motor after the motor starts quickly reach peak torque output thrust, motor with brake, and built- in thermal protection switch to prevent damage to the motor.
  4. Explosion-proof electric actuator has a double seal protection design, in the open terminals for field wiring cover, individually sealed terminal box can also guarantee the electrical parts inside the actuator seal integrity.
  5. With a space heater to prevent condensation of moisture inside the actuator so that the internal electrical components remain dry and clean: the temperature at 20 ± 3 ℃ when the switch is opened automatically, the temperature at 30 ± 3 ℃ when the switch is automatically disconnected
  6. Terminal compact layout is reasonable, pressure, firmly connected, you can shake occasions
  7. There are self-locking function (range of 0% -100%) to prevent the reversal, transmission is stable and reliable
  8. Position transmitter good linearity deviation is small, the linearity is ± 0.5%
  9. Position and torque limit switches integrated, high precision, adjustable
  10. Actuator with permanent self-diagnosis function simplifies fault detection and installation procedures
  11. Supply voltage can fluctuate between ± 10%, frequency deviation within ± 2% or less
  12. Electric actuator circuit insulation dielectric strength conform TP27-02.1-54/94
  13. Electrical lines or between the insulation resistance between the machines should be at least 20MΩ; in wet conditions should be at least 20M & Omega
  14. Maximum sound pressure level A 85dB (A) the maximum sound power level A 95dB (A)
  15. Operating system: switching-S2, 10 分钟; S4, 25% Adjustment Type-S4, 25%, maximum 1,200 times per hour
  16. Itinerary and switching speed can be adjusted at the job site (0 - ± 10%). Adjustable thrust range of 40% -100%


We got high quality products - made in Germany.

Advanced Technology

International high profile CNC-Engines and frequency converter racks are deployed in production, processing and controlling of all components.


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