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Multi-Turn Actuator

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Working conditions and technical Data

The multi-turn vale electric actuator, generally known as M-type , can be utilized on linear - action valve such as gate valve, diaphragm valve, check valve and water valve . Used to open , close or modulate valves.

  1. Power Source : The is three-phase AC. 380V (special orders 220V or 660V) , 50HZ (special orders 60HZ); The control line is 220V , 50HZ (Special orders 60HZ) ; Remote control is 24V DC
  2. Ambient Temperature:-20℃~ +60℃ (special orders-60℃ ~+80℃).
  3. Relative Humidity:≤90% (when 25℃).
  4. Surrounding Mediums: The outdoor type is used for environment free of combustible, explosive and corrosive mediums ; The explosion-proof products include dⅠ and dⅡBT4 ; dⅠ is suitable for the wording face of the coal mine where no excavating undertaken; and dⅡBT4 can be applied in the factories , where the explosive gases mixture meets the requirements for the Environment (Ⅱ A, ⅡB T1-T4).
  5. Protection Class : IP55 - IP67 for the outdoor type and explosion-proof type.
  6. Operation Rule: Only 10 minutes at a stretch (special orders 30 minutes)


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